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Professional Group Coaching & Training for passionate Small Business Owners.

Welcome to the sixty:forty Academy

Are you looking to start, build or grow a small business? One that is built to last? A business that powers your lifestyle and helps you achieve wealth and prosperity, not just in money but in time?

The sixty:forty Small Business Courses & Coaching Programs are a great way to cut through the fluff and take action. Learn the specific small business strategies and tactics that you can put in place straight away to get results.

Like most other small business owners, you’re likely already working hard. But what if we can show you a better way? A way to take your business to the next level, generate cash and claim back your time.

Let us show you exactly how you can take action towards achieving your target result.

Self-paced Courses


Find Five (Introduction)

This is the introduction to our popular Find 5 Course where you learn how to take control of your time & optimise your schedule.


Cash Flow Fundamentals

Cash Flow Fundamentals is a program designed to help small business owners learn how to manage their cash flow.


Succeed Bootcamp

Create a clear path to success so you thrive in the most challenging times with The Succeed Bootcamp.


Find 5

Time Management is essential to growing your business without burning out. To truly free-up your time you must learn to delegate and automate.

sixtyforty Lab

The Lab

Test your business idea with The Lab Course. 24 key questions touching on the 5 core elements of your business idea.

Online Workshops


How to Start a Small Business

Our hands-on How to Start a Small Business Workshop walks you through each of the 12 steps required to launch with confidence.


7 Levers of Cashflow

Cash flow is the life blood of any business. And there are 7 specific areas that will impact how you manage the cash in your business. This course shows you just how to do that.

Coaching Programs

Digital Starter

Digital Accelerator

The sixty:forty Digital Accelerator is a 12 week group coaching program where we will build a predictable and scaleable way of generating sales & leads.

Together we will craft and implement your Digital Strategy.


Succeed Group Coaching

The Succeed Group Coaching is a hands-on, 12 week cohort based mentorship and implementation program to help you take control of your business. The program helps you implement a solid base so that your business does the hard work for you. In here we cover the 4 pillars of sixty:forty's 3CS Framework for Growth - Cash, Capacity, Clients and Strategy.

Strategy, Cash, Capacity & Clients.

The four areas every business needs to master for predictable & sustainable growth.

Our Team of Coaches & Guides

Cohort based learning

Virtual & In-person Workshops & Bootcamps

Self-paced online

Accounting & Finance

Sheree Cusack

Digital Marketing

Spencer Toogood